Jacki Fiscus


Brett Cannaday

Wedding Party

Terry Fiscus

Father of the Bride

My dad is the coolest. But really. Known to my friends as "Big T" and me as "Dude Daddy," this guy rules the world. First of all, my dad worked super hard at his job so that we could be more than well provided for. He's smart and cut-throat (and I mean that as a compliment) and invented the word "grit." His work ethic taught me to work hard, play tough, and never give up. Whenever I'm not sure I can keep going, I imagine him saying, "Get up," like he did when I was 6 and fell face first in a mud puddle, much to all the other parents' dismay. No matter what, my dad always makes time for me. He shows up for every important moment. For every skating competition. Recital. Honors symposium. Plan-my-life dinner. Pro-con list decision. Daddy-daughter walkabouts in cool outdoor places to keep me sane (exhibit A in our pic from Athabasca Glacier at Banff NP). And through it all, he taught me that I should always follow my heart because there is nothing I can't do. My dad is my favorite person to listen to music with, my beach reading buddy, the first person I call when I don't know what to do next, and my biggest supporter. The reason I went to Senegal, Ireland, or Australia? Dad. (PS I'm really sorry about the Senegal thing. That was not my best choice. Do you forgive me yet?) The reason I haven't lost my mind in grad school? Dad. The reason I'm a hardcore feminist? Dad. The reason I have the best kind of sarcastic humor (if we do say so ourselves)? Dad. You get the picture. So, like I said, my dad is the coolest.

Linda Fiscus

Mother of the Bride

My mama is my best friend, number one fan, and the most wonderful mom in the whole world. Is there a Mom Hall of Fame yet? Count her as inducted. She's the kind of mom who made homemade Play-Doh with us as kids and will impersonate me so I don't have to deal with car mechanics on the phone now. (Am I spoiled? Yes. Is it awesome? Yes.) My mom has this absolutely infectious joy for life that instantaneously rubs off on everyone she meets. She's the kind of person who sings to the dolphins when they swim by in the ocean, jumps in a lake with her clothes on, takes an outdoor shower in her bathing suit during a summer rainstorm, and tries surfing with her 27 year old kid just because I wanted to go. My mom taught me to jump into everything with two feet, to see each day as a gift from God, and to celebrate all that life has to offer. I got my joy and my ridiculous laugh from my mama, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm so lucky that she brought me into this world, and that she chooses to adventure with me through the good and the bad in this life. She's my rock, my mentor, and my cheerleader all rolled up in one. Best mom ever.

Lee Cannaday

Father of the Groom

This guy, my dad (or should I say, "Hawk," as he's known by his close friends), is the man I aspire to be when I grow up. Because my dad was inspired by his father to work hard and make a name for himself, my dad drove 45 minutes to work at 5 am to be the executive manager of General Motors in Cleveland, Ohio, but he somehow still made it home in time for dinner and to kick my ass in pool, ping pong, or basketball. I still remember the day that I finally beat him in a game of 1:1 basketball, and it still is one the greatest days of my life. He was my main coach throughout my golfing career, and we spent many hours on the road traveling across the country to attend my golf tournaments. The one thing I'll always remember about my dad is his catchphrase that he applied to all my trials and tribulations in life: "Cannaday's never say can't." I mean, it's even the headline of one of my major newspaper articles about my golf success. I love you, man, and I am glad you've been in my life as the greatest dad.

Marilyn Cannaday

Mother of the Groom

What can I say about my mom, Marilyn, except for the fact that she's the sweetest lady I've ever known. It's very easy to see why: anyone that's met her is swept up by her infectious smile and friendly personality. She's always there for me and sends text messages just to let me know she's thinking about me and always praying for my well being (maybe a lot of praying). I can call her at all hours of the night if anything's wrong and she'll drop what she's doing to assist me. She never had any daughters, so I make a point to be her go-to shopping buddy, and man, do we know how to shop! Seriously, every major golf tournament I played in as a kid all the way through senior year, she'd have a brand new outfit for me to wear. Even when I may not have won the tournament, I looked good competing! She had an amazing work ethic and was the chief deputy clerk in our town for 38 years, so she knows how to lay down the law when necessary. I love you dearly, and I am glad you're finally getting a daughter (well, in-law). Oh, and Linda, watch out: Marilyn also has an amazing golf swing, so I'm going to organize a family tournament soon!

Mindy Helm

Maid of Honor

Mindy and I met in the summer of 2010 when we were both camp counselors at the most magical place on earth, Gold Arrow Camp. We became the best kind of best friends sleeping under the stars, making tie dye shirts, exchanging friendship bracelets, and getting matching ear piercings. (It may sound like we were the campers. I swear we were really the counselors.) We have always been long distance best friends - Mindy went to Indiana University and then later moved to Chicago to be an amazing interior designer - but we did get a glorious six months of living in Australia together when we worked as professional moms (aka au pairs) and got to travel the world together. Mindy is my favorite adventure buddy, my go to confidant, and my forever New Year's Eve date. She brings out the best in everyone she knows, and sees me at my truest self and loves me anyway :) A one in a million friend.

Brandon Cannaday

Best Man

My big brother.. or as our mom called him "Bimby" (I still have no clue where that name came from, oh well). I can't begin to tell you how good life was for me growing up with Brandon in my life. Unlike most siblings, Brandon never once laid a hand on me, even when I was being a little snot and a terror. I still remember my favorite summer, which is when our mom bought us "Zelda - Ocarina of Time." Every morning, I'd rush into his room and get him up so that we could play. I wasn't very good, but I was really good at giving directions and being the strategist, so he'd play and I'd provide input. Brandon also made my school life a lot easier. Once he got his license, Brandon drove me to school every day. Since he was in high school when I was in middle school, I'd bring my friends to the "upper school" to show them how cool I was because I knew high schoolers (aka my brother). He's been my golfing buddy since we first started playing as little kids, and he even surprised me a few years ago for my birthday in Seattle by coming to play Chambers Bay (former US Open site). I'm happy to call him my brother, and I couldn't think of anyone else I'd have as my Best Man.

Aditi Hardikar


Thank the Michigan Housing gods for putting me and Aditi Hardikar in the same room for our first year at Michigan. And thank God for Aditi that she agreed to live with me for two more. Aditi and I first talked when we got our room assignments, and she called me from American Idol tryouts (get ready for some amazing live performances from this talented goddess!) to make sure I wasn't as weird as I am (sorry, deeds! love you!). In our first in-person interaction, I offered to carry all her heavy luggage up the stairs, claiming "I pick up girls" (which, to be fair, I did for synchro skating but that's not the context I gave her). Later that night, we went out to our first college party, got lost in East Quad's terrifying basement together, and quickly bonded to become best friends. Aditi and I, quite literally, grew up together, as we learned how to become somewhat self-sufficient adults by making lots of mistakes that make for some pretty humorous stories, which I'm sure she'll embarrass us with at the wedding. Aditi has been there for me always, no matter the time or the place, and always knows just what to do when I need it the most. Throughout the years, Aditi's taught me to be a fierce social activist, an intersectional feminist, and a dedicated problem-solver. I am smarter and stronger because of her. She inspires me everyday.

Erik Escuro


Erik has been my best friend since he came to my school freshman year. We'd always leave for lunch in high school so we could pick up Sakkio or Steak-n-Shake for all our friends. I taught him how to play golf, and he even joined my country club with his dad since he enjoyed it so much. We were inseparable in high school, and now his family is my other family and my family is his other family. I still remember the time we had a sleepover during the summer and for some reason we just kept hanging the next day, slept over again, hung out all day again, and then this proceeded for 5 days... So yes. We played a lot of Halo, and it taught me the meaning of 1337. Now, Erik is doing his residency, and this is the guy I go to for all my medical advice. Even though he's practicing to be the best doctor around and I'm working crazy hours at Amazon, we still talk weekly through Facetime, always making time for each other.

Olivia Hernández


I met Olivia on the first day of graduate school in 2013. We had both gotten to orientation super early, sat in the second row (not the first! that would be too anxiety provoking!), and took avid notes while Prof. Anis Bawarshi explained all things composition. When it was time for the ice breaker, they asked us to find someone and tell them our favorite pump up jam. Mine, unsurprisingly, was old white man music (Bruce Springsteen's "Waiting on a Sunny Day") and Olivia's was a song from a super cool band called Sleater-Kinney, to which I responded "I've never heard of them" (sorry, liv, I still can't remember the song name, haha). In other words, it's miraculous that she gave me a shot at being her best friend. Anyway, we both brought our lunch like the nerds we are, so we chatted on the first day, became best nerd friends, and then dragged/cheered/supported each other through our MA/PhD program. If we ever graduate, it's because of each other. Olivia is the most generous, supportive, and thoughtful friend, and I am so beyond blessed to have her in my life. Not only does Olivia make my music and art and general popular culture insight better, but she also makes my world brighter.

Urvit Goel


Urvit is the reason I moved to Seattle, which ultimately led me to Jacki, so in a way, Urv, you're the reason I'm getting married. Well, to be real, it's due to Manju (his wife and my little sister) since she's the one who was "technically" texting Jacki when we first started talking since I didn't know how to be smooth. Urv and I have been best friends since freshman year of college, as we lived on the same floor (along with my other groomsmen, RJ). Still one of the best memories from college was heading up to Montreal over winter break with some buddies and blasting EDM and hip hop the whole way. We had a blast in Montreal and even learned some French. Urv and I have pretty much done everything together since we met: same fraternity, same major, same internship in Pittsburgh, moving to Seattle and working at Amazon, buying BMW's, getting to marry the girls of our dreams. I mean, we even try to pick one another during our pick-up flag football games here in Seattle. What else do I need to say?

Kristen (Vanderheyden) Felt


Kristen is my cousin on the Vanderheyden side of the family. She is like big sister to me, and we even call each other sister-cousins :) When we were growing up, Kristen always took me under her wing, invited me to hang out with the big kids, and let me play with her favorite Barbies (that's true love, y'all). Once we got older, we managed to stay in touch despite constantly living across the country from each other until we finally lucked out and both moved to Washington (I moved to Seattle in 2013, and Kristen moved to Silverdale in 2014). Kristen, her husband, Hayden, and her two beautiful kiddos, Finley and Cora, have been my family on the west coast and have made my homesickness so much more bearable over the last couple of years. We take turns driving around the water and taking ferries, always making an effort to have much needed sister-cousin time. Kristen is so kind and thoughtful, and she just lights up every rooms she enters. I am beyond blessed to have her as a sister-cousin in my life.

RJ Korah


The last of the three amigos from freshman year, RJ or as most call him "Jeezy." This guy is one of the chillest I've ever known, cool doesn't begin to describe him. He was always the artistic one of our crew, as he was in one of the top architecture schools in undergrad and then even went on to do even better and graduated from Harvard with his masters degree. I've already got written agreement that he'll be the one to design my first house since I know I won't be able to afford him otherwise. Even though we all had fun in college (and after college - my funniest memory of RJ is most definitely the crawfish bake at his Boston house), we still found our way to church most Sunday's in Pittsburgh. He's the one guy I always turn to for advice when it comes to life decisions. One thing I never will understand about RJ is his ability to fall asleep literally anywhere within 5 minutes, which I guess was due to all the long hours in school, but I'm starting to give him a run for his money these days (I've become an old man and fall asleep at the dinner table). Let's hope we can both stay awake for the whole reception!

Regina Gilmour


Regina is my cousin on the Fiscus side, and has been like my little sister. In fact, her mama, my Aunt Lynn, is my godmother, so we are indeed godsisters! We've spent every holiday together - and believe me the Fiscus's celebrate them all - and shared every important life moment together. We even got to go to the same high school together before I went off to college! And, we both went to Michigan! (Although Regina will insist that we distinguish between our experiences, as she went to Michigan Law School. And as a Notre Dame alumna, she never wants to be known as a Wolverine. I love her enough to overlook that.) Regina is my go to buddy at all family functions and the first person I want to get lunch with when I get back home. She's brilliant, hard-working, and going to change the world one day. I'm so lucky I get to be related to such a wonderful, thoughtful person!

Ray Barsa


Raymond Barsa, or as I like to call him "Ray Ray," has been in my life since college as we were in the same fraternity. Additionally, we lived together for my final 2 years in school with my senior year in the "Mansion" where we engaged in multiple snowball fights with neighbors and each other. One of my greatest memories with Ray Ray was when we sang a particular song, "A Milli," at our college's talent show... even though we didn't enter and instead performed during an intermission. Not so humble brag: the entire audience felt we did a better job than any of the true performers that night. Ray was also one of the guys who went on the infamous Montreal trip, which like I said was full of singing/rapping the whole way. Now, this is the guy who may be one of few with a cooler job than me. He build freaking rockets. Seriously.

Jessica Smith


When I was growing up, I never thought anyone would be good enough for my brother. And then I met Jessica, and I thought "She's perfect!" But, seriously, Jessica is my fav. She's smart, hard-working, funny, generous, and compassionate. She's a super feminist and works to embody those ideals in all that she does. I'm lucky to have her in my life. Jessica supports me in all that I do, and I will always have her back (#babessupportbabes). Thanks, JD, for picking me out a wonderful bestie! Love you always, Jessica!

JD Fiscus


JD is Jacki's brother and one of the most generous and loyal people you will ever meet. He would do anything for the people he loves. Growing up, he was always looking out for Jacki, and he is always a go-to person when things get rough. From the moment that I met, JD, I felt like family because he's the kind of guy that puts you at ease and accepts you for you. We're lucky to have him as our big brother.

Erin Collins


Erin is my oldest friend. (And by that I mean she's ancient. Jokes! And, by that I mean we've been friends longer than anyone else!) She and I met as awkward tweens when we both skated for Team Élan, a synchronized skating team in Metro Detroit. She's a year older than me, so at the time, I pretty much wanted to be her, and guess what? I still do! Erin grew up to be an amazingly brilliant lawyer who runs the world (unsurprisingly). Anyway, we ended up skating together for the next ten years - through middle school, high school, and college (Go BLUE!) - and consequently, we got to grow up together while we saw some super weird parts of the country for skating competitions (Beaver Dam, WI, anyone?) and wore terrifying costume make up. (See our photo for evidence. We promise to look better for the wedding.) Erin's the first person I call for help when my skating dress gets stuck on my head while I'm getting ready for a competition. (Inevitable. I have a really big head.) And, more importantly, the first person I think of when I want to share all of my big life news. She's the constant support I've always needed, and I'm so grateful to have a lifelong friend like her!

Greg Norton


Ah, Greg Norton. Or, Mr. Can't make a free throw. Greg and I met when he came to my school at the start of high school, and I must say, I never knew he'd become one of my best friends due to his "style" and "interests" but here we are. He is attributed to introducing me to my expensive taste in boats. And by boats, I mean yachts. We've spent quite a bit of time at the Cleveland Yacht Club over our summers back home. He also attempted to show me how to drive stick shift back in the day, and, unfortunately, I'm still trying to learn stick shift to this day. Whether we were hanging out at Cavs games or drinking late night Great Lakes' Christmas Ales at the local pub, Greg and I always had something to talk about.

Shannon McDevitt


Shannon is my first friend in college. We both moved into the dorms early, when it was still a ghost town with about fifteen total occupants in it and neither of our roommates had arrived yet. We spent the week skating way too much, eating all our meals together, figuring out where all our classes were, and being genuinely terrified about being first year college students. In fact, I was so terrified that I forgot Shannon's name and was too embarrassed to ask her - my only friend at school - until a couple months later, despite us spending almost all our waking our hours together. All I can say is, thank God we had each other to get through college! Shan and I became best friends during our first year and have stayed that way as we skated together for our four years in college. We always looked out for each other in our college days and spent the night on each other's couches more times than we can count, and we still look out for each other to this day. Shan and Juliana (one of the ushers in our wedding!) even came on an epic road trip involving YOLO hats and lots of car sing-a-longs when I was freaking out about moving to Seattle for grad school (photo evidence here! it's real!). No matter the distance in our living situations, we always make time for one another, and I'm so happy that we do. Love this girl to the moon and back. Always.

Mychal Kamara


Well, this is the guy who may have had better style than me in college. We went through a Ralph Lauren competition (back when Ralph Lauren was cool), and I didn't realize he had a mom who liked to shop too. Needless to say, we became best friends in the 4 years we spent together in college and lived together for 1. Whether it was the late-night "ultimate cookie" in the Underground at Morewood or our Karaoke adventures down at Pitt's campus or "roasting" one another amongst our friends, we always were together during college. I almost got him out to Seattle a few years back, which would have continued our traditions, but oh well. Oh man, how could I forget: Mychal dressed up as me during one college halloween, and I have to say he did a phenomenal job, even had an arm brace (tribute to my torn labrum).

Juliana Bailey


Juliana skated with Jacki in college and is most likely the funniest person you'll ever meet. In my not-biased-at-all opinion, her best quality is making everyone in the room have a smile on their face. She loves telling funny stories, especially ones about us in college, so I'm sorry in advance for anything you learn about me as she escorts you to your seat. (St. Patrick's Day junior year is my favorite. Ask her about it.) We've shared lots of laughs, a few cry-until-there's-snot-bubbles moments, and we're always there for each other through thick and thin. Juliana is the kind of person who will do anything for her friends. (As it turns out, she will indeed drive across the country so that you don't have to move alone. Photo evidence here of us visiting an epic corn palace on our road trip with Shannon to move me out to Seattle. PS sorry not sorry you got cropped, Shan. You still have Wisconsin!) Juliana is generous, kind, compassionate, and empathetic. And, as one of my dearest friends, I cannot imagine a better person to welcome all of you to our wedding.

Manju Goel


Manju is Brett's "little sister" and Jacki's "Grace" (as in from "Grace and Frankie." Haven't watched it? What are you doing with your life?!). Manju and Urv have been together since high school, so she's been in Brett's life since college and every step of the way since then (seriously, every step). Brett's always loved Manj, taking it upon himself to look out for her always, adopting her as a sister. Like we said on the home page, the real reason for us being together is Manju's mad texting skills (she's a real romantic and has just the right amount of wit to make dating app messaging refreshingly exciting). And, from the moment that Jacki entered Brett's life, Manju made herself a best friend for Jacki too - always making time for a girl's night, mani/pedis, or a ballet. We're so lucky to have this gem of a person in our lives!

Brian Veber


The now converted Michigan man... Brian, or, "V-bones," as we called him back in the day (Well, I guess before he stopped being a Buckeye fan). Brian is my oldest friend within the wedding party. We both started at LRA as kindergarteners and stayed till high school graduation so we were what folks called "lifers." I remember the days in middle school where we thought we were cool by being on the bowling team. I don't care what you say, cosmic bowling was AMAZING. Then it all happened: Brian decided to go to U of M for undergrad, which altered our relationship forever. Kidding, but I mean, am I? In all seriousness, Brian has always been there for me and is part of my main CLE group chat regarding all things Browns, Cavs, and Indians... maybe one day we'll finally see a Browns SuperBowl - a guy can only dream!

Gabe Silva


Gabe is part of our Seattle crew, and our time in Seattle wouldn't be the same without him. He always shows up for his friends - and his friends become his family. From midweek guy nights, to GoT watch parties, to football Sundays, Gabe is always there - making everyone laugh and getting everyone to have fun. He has that type of personality that makes everyone feel welcome and included, and we can't wait for you to meet him when he welcomes you to our wedding.

Uncle Gary


Uncle Gary is Jacki's Dad's brother, and he shared a room with my dad for almost his whole life - and they're still best friends. (Gold medal for the Roommate Olympics goes to these two!) When I was growing up, I got to hang with my uncle all the time because I'm lucky enough to live a couple blocks away from him and, perhaps even more importantly, on the same lake. Some of my best childhood memories are from my fam meeting up with Uncle Gary, Aunt Linda, and Ryan. Our lake, and swimming between our two anchored boats, is my safe space - and where my heart will always be. Now that I'm all grown up (or so I say!), Uncle Gary and I still meet up and swim between our boats - but also go for Coney's and Thai food for some extra catch up time. He's the best listener and my biggest fan. I'm so happy that he's agreed to be an usher for our wedding! Love you, Uncle Gary!

Uncle Eddie


Uncle Eddie is Brett's mom's brother, and he is the original athlete amongst our family. This is the guy who set record after record for the high school basketball team in our hometown of Elyria, Ohio. Everyone says my brother and I got our height from him considering how short my mom and dad are, so thank you Uncle Ed. I always remember Eddie coming over on random nights, going into the fridge and grabbing some leftovers (later on became apples and pears for the health kick) and then retreat to the basement to play my dad in an intense session of pool. I still don't know who the better player is but they always had fun competing. He has an amazing gift being able to know what to say and when to say it, so I always came to him for life advice and count on him to give me new perspective, so I hope you'll all get to experience his knowledge like I do at the wedding.

George Fiscus

Ring Bearer

George is Jacki's godson and youngest cousin. He's a budding musician, loves to spend time outside, and enjoys reading books with his dad, Jacki's Uncle David. Jacki loves to dance with George; he's always busting a move!

Finley Felt

Ring Bearer

Finley is Kristen, Jacki's sister-cousin's, oldest child. He loves hanging out with Aunt Jacki and Uncle Brett, especially when Finley gets to squirt Uncle Brett with his squirt gun. (It was Brett's idea. Brett immediately realized how fast he'd have to run to stay dry. It was hilarious.) Aunt Jacki loves buying Finley books and going with him to museums. He's super smart and a thoughtful big brother to flower girl, Cora.

Cora Felt

Flower Girl/Child

Cora is Kristen's youngest child, and possibly the cutest baby we've ever met. (Except for Brett as a baby, says Brett). Cora decided to wait to be a Mother's Day present for Kristen, so Jacki, Brett, and Aunt Linda all got to meet her during her very first hours in this world. She's the first newborn Brett ever held, and Jacki is obsessed with picking out feminist baby books for her so she can rule the world some day.

Carrie Cannaday


We first got to meet Carrie during Christmas 2016 when Brandon brought her home to meet the family, and we loved her immediately. She has an absolutely infectious smile and a generous soul. We're beyond blessed that the four of us love spending time together as a family (see photo evidence from our recent Cavs game together over Thanksgiving). Brandon and Carrie got married in May 2017, and we were so honored to share in their celebration. They have God at the center of their marriage, and we strive to do the same. We cannot imagine a better way to honor our love for Carrie than having her share a reading at our wedding!

Kelsey (Traul) Cease


Traul and Jacki skated together in college, and they have always held a special place in their heart for one another. The first time I met Kelsey, I was late for skating practice. I opened the door to our carpool, saw a new face in the middle seat, and said to the unknown person, "Hey! I'm Jacki! Hold my Easy Mac." I soon came to find out the new face was Kelsey Traul, and thankfully, Traul only thought I was weird in a good way. We became fast friends, getting through all of college's ups and downs with lots of Easy Mac and skating jokes and pre-competition Miracle inspiration speeches -- and occasionally some tissue boxes for bad break ups. Kelsey spreads God's love to all she knows, and when we called her to tell her that we were getting married, she said, "Being married is the coolest thing ever," and went on to tell us all about how dope married life is. We are so excited that Kelsey is willing to do a reading at our wedding!
Phrosne Ras