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Detroit Favorites

Welcome to Detroit!

Brett and Jacki are super excited that you decided to brave Michigan's winter weather to come to our wedding! Thank you so much for travelling from near and far to celebrate our love! We promise Detroit is really, really amazing and you'll have the best time.

Although you're probably just travelling to the D for the wedding, and we of course can't wait to celebrate with you, there are plenty of things to do/see/eat/drink when you're not with us. We hope you spend some of your free time exploring, so this page should help you do that! (For instance, check out this blogger's take on what to do with 48 hours in Detroit. We love her suggestions!)

Detroit is most well-known for its auto-industry, and if you're at all interested in cars/manufacturing, do make the trip to the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn. (The only reason it didn't make our top 5 below is it's a bit outside of Detroit. It's a really cool page to scope out, especialy because you'll be here during the holiday season so there will be holiday lights and carolers.)

But, besides the auto-industry, Detroit is known for its ART (check out street art, the DIA, the MOCAD, or the Library Street Collective), MUSIC (you should totally go to the Motown Museum if you're a fan of Motown music - we are! get ready to dance to some at the wedding!), ARCHITECTURE (there are tons of historic buildings in the D - you'll get to enjoy historical Fort Street Presbyterian and Garden Theater as part of the wedding - but also check out some others like the Guardian Building), and ENTERTAINMENT (hit up a show at the Fox Theatre, Fisher Theatre, Detroit Opera House, or at one of the many other venues in Detroit - or enjoy a night at a casino or a sports game!).

And, perhaps most importatly, Detroit has amazing places to eat all over the city. Here's some of our recommendations for what to eat/drink in the D when you aren't hanging with us:

Ashe Coffee
Astro Coffee
Avalon Bakery
Great Lakes Coffee
New Order Coffee
Sister Pie

Apparatus Room
Chartreuse Kitchen and Cocktails
Cliff Bell's
El Nacimiento
Gold Cash Gold
Grey Ghost
Seldon Standard
Slows BBQ
The Golden Fleece
The Whitney (check out The Ghostbar)

And, without further ado, here's our Top 5 Things to Do while you're in town:

1. Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA)

The DIA is absolutely a must-see in Detroit. It's JD (Jacki's brother) and Jessica's (JD's partner) favorite place in Detroit. And, for good reason. Their art collections are impressive with wide-ranging styles. Great for a daytime activity. You could even check it out before making your way to the wedding ceremony!

2. Fox Theatre

The Fox Theatre is Jacki's absolute favorite place in Detroit. Her Grandma Fiscus took her and her cousins each year for The Nutcracker (thank you, Grandma!), and Jacki loves going to shows there. If you get to Detroit in time to catch a holiday show at the Fox, DO IT. (Maybe Friday night?) Definitely worth it.

3. Lafayette Coney Island

So, if you're not a Michigander, you've probably never had a coney dog. You should immediately remedy that situation by going to one of the OG spots in the city, Lafayette Coney Island. If you need a pick me up on Sunday morning, this is definitely the way to go. Now, we will warn you, there is a debate in Detroit about what the best coney island place is. The Fiscus fam are more Lafayette and Leo's people, but American Coney Island is still a Detroit staple, so you could always swing next door and taste for yourself to decide. What to order? Our suggestion is to do a coney dog + chili cheese fries + Vernor's to get the real Detroit exerience. But, Jacki is known to buck tradition and do a coney dog, no mustard, add cheese, so you do you.

4. Shinola

Shinola is a manufacturing company that makes bicycles, watches, leather products, and more. They have a really awesome factory in Detroit that you should check out, and be prepared to spend some cash in their store. Jacki adores her Shinola watch (thanks, mom and dad!) and is obsessed with their notebooks (the large, soft linen are the best notebooks in production. She wrote all her dissertation notes in them.). Even if you're just window shopping, it's a cool shop to scope out.

5. Eastern Market

Eastern Market is one of the oldest, largest year-round farmer's markets in the country. It's open even in December and is particularly festive for the holidays! A good place to scope out if you have some time on Saturday - especially if you're hungry from exploring the city!
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